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Education Is Our Freedom And Freedom Should Be Everyone's Business
founder: Dr. Hector P. Garcia - 1948

The American G.I. Forum (AGIF) is a Congressionally Chartered Veterans Family  organization. Our motto is "Education is Our Freedom and Freedom should be Everybody's Business". AGIF currently operates chapters throughout the United States, with a focus on veteran's issues, education, and civil rights. The current National Commander is Ángel Zúñiga.

Established on March 26, 1948 by Dr. Hector P. Garcia to address the concerns of Mexican-American veterans, who were segregated from other veterans groups. Initially formed to request services for World War II veterans of Mexican descent who were denied medical services by the United States Department of Veterans Affairs, the AGIF soon spread into non-veteran's issues such as voting rights, jury selection, and educational desegregation, advocating for the civil rights of all Mexican Americans. Today, the AGIF advocates on behalf of all veterans and specifically Latino Veterans.

In Wisconsin we have come together to carry on with these principles says State Commander George F. Banda; we welcome all veterans their families and our friends to join us.

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